Rose & Co. is a small design studio based in Minneapolis making good things with good people. We are focused on storytelling and building connection. We collaborate with our innovative clients to put their best foot forward with branding, illustration, design and events. 


Design creates emotion, engages interaction and shares ideas within a community. Our inspiration comes from listening to people’s stories and bringing them to life with creative that connects.


We believe design is about authentic connection between real humans. That's why all our projects are a partnership with our clients and other creatives. The best ideas really are a team effort.  


We live in the place where inspiration meets hard work. We put forth our greatest effort until we get the details just right. And we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty to bring an idea into the world.


Founder/Creative Director

Since founding Rose & Co. thirteen years ago, Rose has taken the show on the road from Austin to New York to Minneapolis. She’s worked with a wide range of clients from Dell to All Recipes to the Heavy Table, as well as other creatives like authors and theater/dance companies. Her favorite thing is eating her way through new destinations. 


Dajana Strong

Dajana makes things happen—both designwise and lifewise. Whether she’s reupholstering a mid-century sofa or creating custom illustrations, she attacks every project with gusto. When she's not making things look good, she's probably riding her bike (which also looks good).   


Audrey Campbell

Audrey owns about 100 pairs of (very stylish) sneakers. She is a master of content organization and a brand design whiz. At Augsburg Design + Agency, she lead design teams to produce publications and exhibits. She was also the lead designer for the The Echo, the Augsburg student paper. She’s always making cool things like painted skateboards and photography zines.